Person Centered Planning

Trillium Services proudly offers facilitation of Person Centered Planning!  We have a team of trained facilitators in the PATH, MAPS and Essential Lifestyle Planning Processes!  If you are interested in Person Centered Planning please contact us today!!


It is about sharing life, sharing
power, giving up control,
encouraging interdependence,
and getting to what really
matters to makes someone’s life
not perfect, but meaningful.
— by, Jack Pearpoint and Marsha Forest

As a part of our Person Centered Planning Organization- Coaches Training we developed a video to display the importance of rituals and routines in our lives! Check this cute video out!


PATH and MAPS Process


By Jack Pearpoint and Marsha Forest

Seeing Differently

MAPS are PATH are about focusing on human beings to help design and develop plans for their future. They are for all people. If we see people as "clients," 11 consumers," or "special ed students," or if we assert power over people, we are not doing MAPS or PATH. These tools are for human beings - not labels. This is full of paradox because it is simultaneously a very simple concept and enormously difficult to implement. It requires us to challenge and refocus values that we "learned wrong" and must "relearn." This is hard but necessary work.

The artist, the architect, the musician, the poet, the writer all have much to teach us about person-centered planning. A sculptor sees a piece of art in the raw stone or wood. An architect envisions a building when overseeing a naked piece of earth. A musician hears a score in the breeze and in her head. So, too, the artist of person-centered planning sees the full human being through the layers of societal rules and norms that have often corroded and encased the human spirit.

People with disabilities have often been buried under a ton of labels and phrases that mask who they are. The more oppressed and vulnerable the "human being" the more talented and sensitive our artist facilitator needs to be. Person-centered planning is, in essence, listening and sharing vulnerability. It is about sharing life, sharing power, giving up control, encouraging interdependence, and getting to what really matters to makes someone's life not perfect, but meaningful. It is about nourishing the humanity and gifts in each of us.

Jack Pearpoint and Marsha Forest are the founders of the Centre for Integrated Education and Inclusion Press International, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

MAPS Process

A Person Centered Planning Process is:


Where time and effort is spent to ensure that the
‘voice’ of the person is heard.

Where there is a focus on learning what is important to the person in how she or he wants to live, what is important to those who love the person, and any issues of health or safety (from the perspective of the person, rather than any service received or from a person’s paid support).

-Michael Smull

Essential Lifestyle Planning

Created by, Michael Smull and Susan Burke Harrison

Essential Lifestyle Planning is a set of tools that identifies a persons routines, rituals, traditions, what is important to and important for the person.

ELP is the right process when you are looking to:

*Discover what is important to a person in everyday life and what is important for a person in order for them to stay healthy and safe.

*Describe what you have learned in a way that is easily accessible to those who will help the person get what is important to them.

Person centered planning provides an opportunity to listen to people, learn what is important in their lives and act upon this in partnership with their families, friends and where applicable, paid support. This can result in transformation in people’s lives, in the development of future services and in communities.
-Michael Smull