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"I have been with Trillium for 9 years and they have supported me in finding an awesome place to live, a job that I enjoy and in doing things that I love like going to Twins Games and Traveling all over the world."  
-Jesse M. 

Connecting People With Communities

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Welcome to Trillium Services

Trillium provides person-centered services with a focus on building meaningful relationships and assisting people with developmental disabilities and their families in achieving a desirable personal future. We promote self-determination and consumer choice. Our philosophy moves beyond traditional models of service. We continually envision new opportunities for the people we serve and seek innovative ways to provide them with support as they pursue their dreams and goals.

We understand that choosing a provider may be confusing and intimidating for both the consumer and the family. We will work with families and the team to understand the consumer's preferences, needs, expectations, challenges, and capacities. We encourage caregiver, family and consumer involvement, and participation in the development of services. We believe "that together we are better" able to meet the needs of all parties.

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CARF accreditation

A Three-Year Accreditation has been awarded to Trillium Services, Inc. through May 2013 for meeting internationally recognized standards of quality in the provision of outcomes-driven programs and services to enhance the lives of the persons served.

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