Trillium Works!

Trillium Works! is a licensed Supportive Employment Service (SES) provider that provides CARF Accredited Services in the areas of Community Employment and Employment Planning Services to adults who are seeking competitive employment in the community.

Community Employment Services are designed to assist a person who wishes to work in the community but may have a need for ongoing supports to assist with a wide array of employment needs. Community Employment Services is a three-phase service that covers:

Job Development
In this Stage we identify each person’s specific career path based on their employment preference. Our development specialists provide one-on-one assistance with the application, job exploration, and interview process.

Job Site Training
Once a job is secured, our employment specialists will assess the job site and determine the support needed to succeed. A task analysis will be developed that will provide a step-by-step description of job duties and employer expectations.

Job Retention
We provide long-term supports and training to further enhance the work experience and maximize independence. Employment Specialists provide a wide variety of supports all of which focus on building on or developing new job related skills

Employment Planning Services are designed to assist a person seeking employment to learn about employment opportunities within the community and to make informed decisions. Employment planning services are individualized to assist a person to choose employment outcomes and/or career development opportunities based on his or her preferences, strengths, abilities, and needs. These services include:

Job Seeking Skills Training
Is used to build a foundation of time proven job development skills. These skills include; resume building, how to perform a successful job search, networking, how to complete applications, how to prepare for interviews, and interview skills.

Job Shadowing
Is a work experience option where individuals learn about a job by walking through the work day as a shadow to a current employee. The job shadowing work experience is a temporary, unpaid exposure to the workplace in an occupational area of interest to the individual.

Situational Assessments or Job Tryout
Are opportunities set up in community based settings to assess the person’s skills in a particular area and to judge appropriateness of work environments, or to promote placement readiness. Generally these are used when a person has an idea of what they would like to do but maybe they have never worked in that particular line of work before and they would like more information before getting too far in the job search process.

Placement and Retention Services
Placement Services assist the person in seeking and obtaining gainful employment in a job appropriate to their identified strengths, resources, priorities, abilities, capabilities, interest and informed choice.

Retention services include job site training, which varies according to the needs of the new employee and the complexity of the job. Training can include assisting the employee perform new job tasks and to understand the job culture, industry practices and work behaviors expected by the employer. It might also include training the employer and coworkers to understand the training methods and accommodations needed by new employee.