Person Centered:  Trillium believes all activities and functions flow in a person-centered path. We will work in partnership with each service recipient to provide emotional and physical well-being.

Competence:  Trillium will maintain high standards of competence in its service, including seeking help and guidance whenever a question arises. We will also work to sharpen skills of practical and ethical reasoning through continuous training.

Integrity:  Trillium strongly believes in marketing its services in a way that is open, honest, and easy to comprehend.  We will be aware of our own belief systems, values and needs and the effect they have on the services provided.  We will use this awareness to learn and become better at supporting the people we serve.

Respect for People’s Rights and Dignity:  Trillium will treat individuals with dignity and respect, being aware of cultural differences, and the service recipient right to autonomy, privacy, and confidentiality.

Empowerment:  Trillium is dedicated to empowering individuals to make informed choices.  We enable consumers to grow and maximize independence throughout daily life

Confidentiality:  Trillium will safeguard and respect the confidentiality and privacy of all service recipient.

Business Practices:  Trillium will act in accordance with all applicable laws that govern our services.  Waste, Fraud, Abuse and other Wrongdoing is strictly prohibited and will be acted on according to applicable laws.

Professional Responsibilities: Trillium will maintain its professional responsibility by ensuring maintenance of appropriate licensing, insurance and accreditation.

Service Delivery:  Trillium will deliver services in a person centered manner and the services will be compensative to payment for services.

Conflict of Interest:  Trillium employees will avoid all conflicts of interest between individual interests and the interests of the organization and service recipient.  The exchange of gifts, money and gratuities and personal fund raising between employees, service recipient and team members is viewed as a conflict of interest and will be avoided.

Personal Property:  Trillium will ensure that each individual’s personal property is respected and will support each service recipient in caring for such property.

Boundaries:  Trillium will set and maintain professional boundaries with employees, service recipients and team members.

Contractual Relationships: Any contractual relationships entered into by Trillium Services and another agency will be honored as outlined in the contract.  

Witnessing of Documents:  Trillium will ensure that documents are signed with written signatures and witnessing signatures as appropriate.  Notarized signatures will be implemented as appropriate. 

Advocacy:  Trillium will advocate for service recipient justice, inclusion, and full community participation.  We will identify barriers caused by social policies and work to eliminate those barriers, while also supporting and protecting human and civil rights.

Human Resource Practices:  Trillium will recruit qualified and competent employees.  We will provide the training they need to be successful in their position.

Leadership:  The Trillium management team will provide leadership and direction that reflects the company’s mission, vision, and values.